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What is different about Glyd?

Glyd is a smart and sustainable solution for your daily commute from home to office and back. It uses zero-emission electric vehicles.

Glyd knows what you’re missing from your current commute and provides a category-first in-car experience designed to ensure you live well and use your time productively. Flexible yet punctual, Glyd is commuting done right.

How do I requestmy Glyd experience?

It’s really easy. Just follow the steps below:

Download the Glyd app from Google Play or the App Store.

Sign up using your phone number, email ID, and the name of your organisation.

Call for your ride by entering your destination, choosing a time you prefer, paying the fixed fare*, and confirming. And your Glyd ride will be there.

*Fares do not include promotional offers.

When and where is Glyd available?

Glyd is currently available for morning and evening trips on select routes. Check out our Glyd finder to start Glyding.

How do I pay formy Glyd experience?

You can pay for your Glyd ride conveniently through your Debit Card, Credit Card, or PayTM. We’ll email the paperless invoice directly to your inbox.

Is my in-car experience included in my fare?

Yes, your Glyd fare includes your in-car experience with the individual comfort seats, feature-packed media screens, reading lamps and much more. It also includes some pleasant surprises, courtesy of Glyd.