About us

We are Glyd. We want you to live well.

We believe taking the first, real step towards living well is the need of the hour. And, we’re here to focus strongly on the quality of your commute. We’re working relentlessly to make your travel to work and back home a whole lot more smart, dependable, productive and exclusive.

A Mahindra initiative and a premium, sustainable e-mobility service.

We’ve arrived to bring unmatched in-commute experiences to seasoned corporate executives who are constantly seeking efficient and innovative means of transport. You’ll be delighted to find connected car features such as Cisco web-conferencing, curated entertainment and music, industry-first privacy screens, air purifiers, strain-free lighting, bolstered seats, wrap-around headsets and custom armrests.

We’ve also partnered with Vodafone-Idea Limited for seamless high-speed internet connectivity. Powered by Mahindra’s electric vehicles and a full stack technology platform, Glyd is available in Mumbai on select routes, and can be booked via Android and iOS apps.